Roof Financing

Interested in financing? Complete our 60 second form, and we’ll show you customized rates from several lending partners. You’ll have the ability to find cost savings by comparing roof month-to-month payments as well as rates from several service providers.

Roof Loans have the following advantages and features:

  • No home equity need: If you get sick or lose your job and can not pay back your loan, you won’t be at risk of foreclosure. However, personal roofing loans do have higher rates than choices safeguarded by your house equity.
  • Quick financing: If your project is immediate, then a personal loan might be your best choice. Personal loan companies can approve you, then move funds, in as quickly as 1 day.
  • No prepayment penalties: Personal loan companies will not penalize you for repaying your loan ahead of schedule.
  • Fixed monthly payments: Because personal loans have actually fixed rates of interest, your roofing system monthly payments won’t alter. Fixed monthly payments will certainly assist you create a precise budget for your project.

Financing a new roof

If you’re in a rush, a personal loan can be a terrific financing alternative for a brand-new roof. Roof covering replacements can cost between $3,000 and $10,000.

Upgrading your roof before selling your home:

If you’re attempting to get your home on the market, having a new roof might aid you in selling much quicker. Personal loans could be a terrific fit for this sort of upgrade.

Paying a homeowners insurance deductible

Homeowners insurance plans begin coverage after you pay an insurance deductible that ranges from a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. Even if your insurance policy will cover your roofing, you may require a roofing system substitute loan just to cover the insurance deductible.

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