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Roofing workers
Roofing workers

Your commercial properties are essential financial investments and require extra care. You want a commercial roofing expert that you can depend on to give an honest, educated recommendation and the very best service for your commercial structure.

Jacksonville Roofing Fl offers trusted and reliable commercial roofing solutions to building owners throughout the state of Florida. Our professional staff will review your roof concerns and provide you with a solution. Jacksonville Roofing Fl only uses the very best materials as well as modern technologies to offer the most cost-effective, long-lasting commercial roofing for you and your business. Proper material selection is a crucial element to a problem-free, durable roof covering system—however, you need to remember the most crucial aspect of this process: the installation contractor. And finding the most trusted roofing expert in your area can difficult. Let our trusted and reliable technicians serve you today.

Whether you require a simple leak repair, a full tear-off, a roof repair, or mounting a roof on a brand-new commercial building, we are the roofing company you need. We will work around your schedule and minimize the obstructions and problems that can arise while working on a commercial roofing project.

One of the most significant obstacles commercial building owners have with their roofs are flat roof coverings. The large flat level roof houses, heating and cooling equipment, air vents, and piping, all of which create challenges to making a roof watertight. Our roof company has the experience as well as craftsmanship of proper product installation to fulfill and go beyond the demands and needs for commercial roofing.

Services provided

Repairs and Replacement

Our budget-friendly and affordable roofing company has the versatility and experience to take on any type of dimension repair work or roof replacement, multi-unit, as well as flat level or multi-unit covering projects. We can fix damages such as holes, cracked, or sunlight blistered roofs rapidly and successfully. If it is time for you to change your roof, we guarantee a reliable and professional job that is unmatched by our competitors.

Commercial Roofing vs. Residential Roofing

Commercial roofing installation is very different from residential roofing installation. One of the most noteworthy distinctions between the two is the dimension. Some commercial roof jobs are measured in acres! Due to the size of commercial roofs, there are unique factors to consider when planning your repairs or a new roof.

Slope matters

When you are selecting your commercial roof covering, the slope of your roofing system is one of the most crucial factors to consider. Typically, a commercial roof is flat and set in three different layers.
The bottom layer is constructed to take care of water drainage. The second layer is to stop punctures from passing through. And the outer top layer safeguards the roof from weather damages while also providing the basic damage protection from natural elements, aspects, and components. When you have a commercial flat roof, water draining is vital in maintaining your roof and keeping its condition. The steeper the slope of the roofing system, the less you need to stress over water drainage. Consult with our experts regarding the slope and design of your roof covering. 

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